About Keith

Keith Lee is the host of both "The Keith Lee Show" one of the fastest-growing conservative podcasts in the nation, and the no holds barred podcast "Conscience of a Black Conservative".

Keith is a political commentator and entrepreneur. Keith was born and raised in the mean streets of the Bronx to a young single mother and a drug-dealing father. 
Through years of hard work, Keith worked his way up to Wall Street, first as a currency analyst, then as a successful trader. He then transitioned to the cutthroat arena of NYC real estate. He sharpened his elbows by structuring deals for some of the largest landlords and developers in the country.

In his spare time, Keith enjoys playing the clarinet and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Symphony Space. He has also been a donor to all three venues.

Connect with Keith on Facebook and Twitter, or email Keith at thekeithleeshow@gmail.com