Welcome To The Keith Lee Show

Hey Fam,

Thanks for checking out the new website.  Just to fill you in on what's happening, the podcast will still be available on all podcasts networks as usual, but for those of you that would prefer to see my pearly whites, we are launching the Keith Lee Show YouTube page on Monday, Sept 14th. Be sure to subscribe to the page and hit the notification button as this is the surest way to prevent the youtube algorithm from silencing conservative videos.

Also, be sure to bookmark this website. In the coming weeks, I will be writing a column that will be made available here first. We will also have the latest political news, guest blog posts, show notes, and much more. We are just getting started!!

Thanks for all of your support. You have been amazing and the feedback has truly blown me away. 

Hope you are ready for the battle ahead.

See you soon.